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Let our experience accelerate your hiring and staffing process.

MaviTech leaders, Tugay and Bill, have over 21+ years of experience working with the Dassault Systemes reseller network. Through their reseller network specializing in the industry-wide placement of engineering design, PLM, PDM, and simulation tools, Tugay and Bill built a network of over 1,200 businesses across North America.


From startups to large enterprises, Tugay and Bill's have developed expertise in overcoming their clients' unique business challenges through technology, human resources, and optimized processes. 

The MaviTech Professional Services brand was started through the passion and drive of Tugay in 2021. In 2022, Bill Bridwell joined the team as a partner promising and achieving tremendous value. 

Connect with us today to discuss your business goals and join our growing network of suppliers, OEMs, software resellers, and cross-industry professionals.

Meet our Leaders

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Tugay Angay




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Bill Bridwell


Recruitment Professional


About Tugay

I worked as a trusted advisor and account rep for a SolidWorks solutions provider from 2015 to 2020.


During my tenure, I got to know over 600 companies and thousands of professionals from engineers, IT professionals, project managers, CEOs, and owners. I had a chance to listen to their critical business issues and understand their needs. I provided them with solutions so that they could go to market faster and design/produce their products faster and cheaper.


Many of my customers asked me for references for various positions as I often get resumes from others.  I found myself in this space where I was helping my customers in a different way. This led me to open Mavitech Professional Services, and I can’t think of anything else that would give me the amount of satisfaction I get on a daily basis.

As an in-demand Recruiter, I’m committed to two main principles: providing the highest level of service I can and ensuring that my prices remain competitive and affordable.  In addition to recruiting and staffing, many of my customers request contacts for the best engineering services. 

This is why I have partnered with many folks to provide CAD design, simulation, schematics, machining, and 3D printing needs.  This focus on price and service is why so many of my clients are so loyal to me and are happy to recommend me to others.

Tugay Angay

About Bill

Connecting and working with technical organizations and talented professionals to help solve their critical business imperatives is my passion. 

My career began in architecture and consumer product development, where I excelled in partnering closely with clients to understand their needs and requirements. These experiences provided the opportunity to solve difficult challenges with engineers, business leaders and industry experts. 


My expertise in successfully collaborating and building customer relationships paved the way for my next opportunity in enterprise software sales and services in the manufacturing and consumer product industries. During my 6-year I worked with and formed a wonderful friendship with Tugay Angay; who would go on to launch MaviTech.  


My affinity for technical industries, combined with my experience and dedication to collaborating with people and organizations to solve complex business problems, including talent sourcing and development, has now led me to partner with Tugay at MaviTech. 


 Our “from-industry” approach guides every aspect of what we do. We leverage our technical expertise, empathy, relationship network and business acumen to deliver exceptional customer experiences. We communicate and listen; we dig to understand priorities and deliver results for organizations and job seekers alike. This level of experience and attention to detail affords our customers a partner relationship with focused urgency and value, designed to help business solve critical business and talent acquisitions. 


In addition to helping people and organizations attain their goals and grow, I love planning trips and spending time outdoors with my wife Lauren, two boys William & Charlie, and our crazy Yellow Lab, Hailey.  


I look forward to the opportunity to help you soon! 


Bill Bridwell  

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