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Look through our FAQs for answers to specific questions.

  • How does MaviTech fullfill candidates for my company's job opening?
    We set up a time with the client to understand the role they are trying to fill. We help with the job description if needed. We create a questionnaire for candidates to fill out based on the job description and our interview with the client. We leverage our expansive network of candidates and experts. We identify 80-100 of the best candidates from our network and from job applicants. We screen 25-40 of the best candidates via one hour video interview. We present the top 3-5 candidates for your role. We report back to the client regularly with updates on the number of candidates, candidate highlights, salary expectations, and key strengths and concerns.
  • How many positions can MaviTech place?
    There is no limit on the number of placements we can fulfill. However in order to guarantee high quality of service, we recommend you work with our executive and recruitment team to prioritize your recruitment needs by team, urgency, and availability of candidates. We keep you updated throughout the process by regularly reporting status on our progress as well as sharing notes generated through our unique pre-screening process.
  • How does MaviTech find candidates?
    MaviTech's recruitment process allows us to reach the vast expanse of our passive candidate network as well as other factors that help us source new candidates. Industry Knowledge Bill and Tugay spent a combined total of 21+ years working with thousands of professionals from engineers, IT professionals, project managers, engineering managers, and owners and helped them develop new products and manage manufacturing operations. Now, we put that experience to use in finding talented professionals in that same space for companies like yours. Network We utilize our network of 1,200 companies that we have worked with. Our network gives you access to quality talent that you just can’t find in traditional recruiting channels. We partner with other recruiting agencies to grow our effective candidate pool. We are engaged with local alumni network, community colleges and universities to build relationships with new graduates from all degree levels including Bachelors, Masters, PhD, and associate degrees. Outbound Activity We reach more passive candidates and interview people even if they are not ready to move to a new role yet. We research our client’s industry, find competitors, and the subject matter experts to identify key markers that help us find interesting candidates from unique avenues. Technology We source candidates from the world's largest professional network with millions of candidates with advanced search filters and intelligent matching. Technology powers every stage of the hiring process, which makes us more efficient than traditional recruiting firms.
  • What is your on-time-delivery (OTD) rate for services?
    We maintain 100% transparency throughout our services engagements. Our deadlines are prescribed based on careful understanding of your timeline and our production schedule. Therefore when we give you a deadline, we are consistent in meeting our deadline. But no one's perfect. If we do detect that unexpected or expected delays will cause us to be lat on our deliverables or delivery, we are sure to keep our clients up to date. What we do not compromise on are quality and consistency. To discuss further, schedule a consultation with our team to get answers to other questions you might have.
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